What’s this Blog About?  Earning Your Laugh Lines

Aging comes with many things – most noticeably, of course, are those lines on our face. Some for good reason, others not so much. But I believe every line – every single one – has a story behind it. All have been earned.

I also believe those stories are worth remembering. Worth sharing. As Haruki Marukami said (I know, I hadn’t heard of him either but I like this quote) “Memories can warm you up from the inside; but they can also tear you apart. However, no matter what you went through, you never want to let them go.”

This blog defies categories. That is on purpose. Now I’m well into the throws of a life that I’ve spent living, learning, laughing, and making a little money along the way. In my case, maybe the story (and line!) was as a business owner, a spouse, a mother, a friend. Maybe it occurred in the U.S., Ukraine, Uganda, London or Vienna. But, just like every one of you, each part, each story – no matter what the story was or where it happened – is only a single chapter; a few pages in our greater life novel.

Some of our stories may be known; some yet to be learned or written. Some we will never dare to write down, or read aloud. But ALL are worth remembering. All have played a part in shaping who we are, and who we can become.

I simply refuse to categorize this as a “mommy blog,” or a “business blog” or a “financial blog” or a “feminist blog” – although I write a lot about each of those subjects.  That’s because I simply refuse to categorize ourselves, as women  It’s all part of the whole. And we know that.  I hope the stories might be inspirational, or helpful, funny, or provide you with clarity, and with courage. But you should know something:  You’ve got exactly what you need. You are exactly where you are meant to be right now, at this moment. I truly believe this. Maybe you don’t understand why, and maybe you need to figure what to do with what you’ve got, but the story will reveal itself soon enough.   If you let it. I can 100 percent guarantee this.

So that’s what you’ll find here. Anything from feminist musings, starting a business, financial independence, good friends & good wine, to the journey of motherhood. Because it’s all part of our story. All part of ourselves. And we’re in this. Together.

I really wouldn’t want it – and couldn’t write it – any other way.

Peace & Love.


Patty McDonough Kennedy founded and runs a marketing and communications agency (www.kennedyspencer.net), with offices in New York and Vienna, Austria, splitting her time between the two.  Patty has provided marketing and communication counsel and services to clients all over the world, and given keynote speeches, communication and business trainings, in 8 countries.

Previously, Patty lived and worked in NYC; Washington, DC; Kiev, Ukraine; Kampala, Uganda; and London, England.  Her business, 18-year career, and life of travel have given her some pretty interesting personal and professional experiences. But her best experience is being a mother of two young boys. The intersection of the two can be pretty thought-provoking, interesting, and mostly, funny.

Contact: pkennedy@kennedyspencer.net

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